All works are for sale, if you want to know more about a particular painting please email us and we will send you a higher definition image of 2 - 3 Mbytes (the images available on the website are 100 - 200 Kbytes), together with a description of the work by the artist.
Peter Moore works on specially coated Japanese paper which is light and strong. He folds the paper and has a unique way of working on one small folded section of the paper at a time - it's often a surprise for him to see the full painting after a working session. Many recent works are overpainted on earlier paintings which gives a richness of depth and texture. The actual paintings have a presence which cannot be conveyed by a digital image on a computer screen.
The finished paintings can be mounted on canvas or board then varnished. Alternatively they can be framed as they are with the original folds still visible. We can arrange to have a painting mounted here in London or the painting can be mailed in its original folded paper form for you to arrange to have mounted and framed locally. This second option would save considerably on shipping and insurance.
If the painting is returned within 30 days we will refund the purchase price less any of our expenses. Mailing and insurance costs which are added to the purchase price, are paid by the purchaser.
Note: The artist retains copyright in the works after sale.
Prices:  £ 600 - £ 2,000  
  € 900 - € 3.000  
  US$ 1,200 - US$ 4,000  
  C$ 1,200 - C$ 4,000  
  A$ 1,400 - A$ 4,700  
  ¥ 140,000 - ¥ 465,000  
© 2007 Peter Moore